Design and modelling of an integrated sustainable energy system in the built environment

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An architecture office in Amsterdam is busy with two pilot projects: one is to design an apartment in a neighbourhood and another one is to design a sport hall for a school. Their design will be based on low-carbon energy system in those buildings meaning that they will take into account different energy carriers, hydrogen and electricity, and they would like to include electric vehicles, both battery and hydrogen-based fuel cell cars, to produce electricity for the buildings during the hours the cars are parked by the buildings.
The research focus in this project is on feasibility study of the design, techno-economic analysis for the energy system, and eventually finding out what policy and regulations are required to perform this project. The architecture office is in contact with Gemeente Amsterdam and other parties involved in this project.
We’re looking for an enthusiastic student who is familiar with solar, wind, and fuel cell technologies and is interested in techno-economic analysis of integrated mobility and transport systems. The project will be in the research group of Energy Technology under the supervision of Professor Ad van Wijk and we would like to start the project as soon as possible.
If you’re interested, please contact Samira Farahani ( and please include the curses you’ve taken so far with your grade list.

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