Internship – Power Cable Condition Estimation Based On High Frequency Attenuation

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Smart Cable Guard (SCG) is an online multi-functional monitoring system for MV power cable networks. The system has two unique functions: 1) detect and locate weak spots based on partial discharges (before they result in a fault causing a power outage) and 2) detect and locate faults (=full breakdowns) in underground power cables. Want to know more about Smart Cable Guard? Click here!

We continuously strive to improve the SCG system, not only by improving existing functionality, but also by adding completely new functions. One of the ideas is a fundamentally new method to estimate the current condition of the insulation of power cables based on the attenuation of high-frequency (100 kHz – 10 MHz) signals traveling through the monitored power cables. As the insulation of power cables ages
its electrical properties will change very slowly. SCG continuously measures the propagation and attenuation of high-frequency signals through the monitored power cables. This signal propagation is influenced by the electrical properties of the insulation, among many other parameters. Therefore, by monitoring the changes in attenuation over time we may be able to estimation to the condition of the cable insulation. Knowing the condition of their cables will allow network owners, such as distribution system operators, to manage their networks in a more efficient manner.

The goal of this project is to investigate the feasibility to estimate the cable insulation condition by continuously monitoring the cable’s propagation characteristics, such as done by the SCG system. With the large installed base of SCG systems worldwide we have a large amount of measurement data from various types of networks and cable types. The project will involve literature study, modelling of high frequency signal propagation of cable networks, analysis of measurement data and verification of results.

Start date: any time between now and mid-2021
Duration: 6-12 months
Prerequisites: background in electrical engineering and (at least) fundamentals in signal propagation.

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