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VTTI is an international storage company, that serves the energy industry by linking oil flows worldwide for our customers. At VTTI we want to get more insight into the difference in emission (CO2, Sulphur, NOx, VOCs etc.) for the whole supply chain of 3 different types of engine technologies. We would like to have a full life cycle assessment for the following engine technologies:

  • Hydrogen fuel cell cars
  • Electric cars
  • Regular fuel combustion car (diesel and gasoline)

Please note that above technologies are based on passenger cars.

Emissions footprint per technology from material sourcing (mining, refining, fabrication, transport, …) to disassembly and disposal of waste – included emissions: CO2, sulphur, NOx, VOCs and particles (e.g. PM10) – a total life cycle assessment
Economics: total value chain costs per driven kilometer per technology

Describe each technology, developments and their future potential (market potential, technology development).
What does the potential look like in the EU, USA, LatAm, Africa, SEA, NEA, India, China (e.g. regulatory, levies, taxes, subsidies, phase outs/ins, political landscape, affordability/welfare, environmental awareness, … etc.)
The idea is to express the accumulated impact in a single parameter, which is to be decided upon (e.g. CO2 gr/km).
A conversion table shall be used, wherein assumptions can be adjusted, such as e.g. weighing factor, impact, etc..

The proposal above can be discussed regarding the content, but we hope that it gives an indication of what we would like to be researched.
We like the results to be delivered in 3-6 months after start of the project, depending on the type of employment. Deliverables to be provided in the form of slides and model (Excel).

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch! You can contact Barbara Haan at

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