TRACKx 2017/2018

Find all the presentations from TRACKx september 2017 here!

TRACKx 2016/2017

Find all the presentations from the speakers at TRACKx here! Also contains emails of the speakers present at the event.

SET manual

New to SET? Get started with peer to peer guide from current SET students to new 2016 SET students. This manual aims to introduce and explain the SET masters program to the new students, by fellow students, in less formal terms, and with a content that caters to the main student concerns.

SET study programme

SET master programme at a glance.

SET Peer to Peer manual (new!)

Think the SET Manual is not enough? Get in-depth analysis of each track by our digital manual. Contains 14 full interviews from students from various tracks in SET master. Along with student evaluations of many aspects of the program.

Study Clinic Transport Phenomena

Missed the study clinic? Find the slides here!