Thesis & Projects

Thesis & projects

On this page you can find available thesis projects and extra projects at the university. Interested in doing an a thesis at a company? Visit our page for Jobs, Internships & Theses.

Brine Conversion, TBM

Two thesis topics focused on brine effluent are available from researchers at TBM. They both involve a case study of a large scale demonstration plant in the Energy Port and petrochemical cluster of Rotterdam Port, involving local large industries. The projects are focused on the  life cycle and the social life cycle.

For more information, contact:  George Tsalidis, postdoc researcher in TBM, email:

Photovoltaics & Electrical Energy, EWI

Several Master Thesis- or Individual Projects are available in the Photovoltaics and Electrical Sustainable Energy department. Here you can find multiple topics: Msc project proposals PV and ESE.

For more information, contact: Nishant Narayan PhD candidate, DCE&S group, email:

Photovoltaics & Material Science, ChemE

MSc thesis projects available in opto-electronic properties of 2D Hybrid Perovskites for photovoltaic applications at the faculty of Chemical engineering. Check the link below or contact María to