Welcome to the website of the Delft Sustainable Energy Association!

Delft S.E.A. is the study association for the master Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) at Delft University of Technology. By organizing activities, providing academic assistance and maintaining relations after graduation, Delft S.E.A. aims to support the students/alumni of SET.

You can check out some of the activities that are organized throughout the year below!


During the year, Delft S.E.A. organizes several informative lectures and company presentations related to renewable energy and sustainability.

Company visits & Excursions

Curious about projects and professional organizations working with sustainable energy? During a company visit or an excursion, you can experience the developments in our field up close!

Social Activities

Get to know each other outside of the university environment. For example, while having a relaxing Potluck dinner or during a tour past pubs in the center of Delft.