Documentary night

A night full of interesting documentaries, engaging debates and connecting with your SET friends on topics close to us!

We will go through 3 short documentaries about some debatable technologies and approaches to sustainability, and then have a debate about it. Just to give it our own SET spin, we SET folks will be debating with each other! We will be joined by the TU Delft Debating club, have some nice popcorn and drinks, and bring out SET’s opinions about relevant topics.

Topics for the night:
• Macro-level production changes or personal consumption changes
• Nuclear energy or sustainable energy technologies
• Sustainability of biomass

Keep up-to-date about the location here on facebook! Do register in form so that we know how much popcorn and how many drinks to buy! 🙂

Date : November 20th, 2019
Time: 19:00
Location: De bouwcampus – Building 26 – Van der Burghweg 1 (For now, please stay up to date with facebook to check the final location)