Dutch Night – Theme Drinks

To celebrate the start of the second quarter in a typical Dutch style, Delft S.E.A together with its new Bar Comittee are hosting a Dutch Theme Night! 🇳🇱🕺🏼

The 2nd of December, just after the Master Information Meeting (MIM), /Pub will be coloured with orange and everyone is invited to come enjoy a drink, some (free) snacks and have tons of fun! 🍻🌭🥞

If you are planning to come, please let us know through this link, this way we can take your food preferences into consideration:

Lastly, since we are organizing a THEME night everyone is encouraged to wear something typical Dutch! 🎅🏽✴

See you there! 🍾

Time: 18:00
Location: /Pub (basement of EWI Faculty)