DSEA Board Interest Drinks

Have you enjoyed all the cool stuff Delft S.E.A has been doing? Do you want an exciting and fun leadership position?


We are looking for a new President, Secretary and Commissioner of Events. Come to our Interest drinks and learn more about each of the positions. Free pizza for dinner, snacks and drinks will be served! 🍕🥤

When: Wednesday, 11th March, 18:00
Where: In the hall outside Lecture Hall L (Low building EWI), just near our office!

We hope to see you all there!! This is a worthy experience we encourage you to try! 🤩

Priogen Lunch Lecture

Yesterday we enjoyed an interesting Lunch Lecture organised by Priogen Energy. We could understand how the intraday power market works with the integration of renewable energy generation, and we put our knowledge into practice with a market simulation game 💥

Thank you for coming, we hope you had fun and learnt a lot! Check out their website for knowing more about their new internship projects, which will be updated soon 🙂

Sustainability Career Day

On the 20th of March, 2020, the 1st edition of TU Delft and Leiden University Sustainability Career Day will take place. Organised by the Industrial Ecology Student Association (IESA Shift), this event will be a great opportunity to get in contact directly with inspiring companies. Sign up now to visit our career fair, participate in the workshops, have speed-dates with your potential employer, and have your professional photo taken for your Linked-in profile! This is the chance to emphasize your insight for your possible career opportunities!

Feeling this is for you? Register yourself at https://sustainabilitycareerevent2020.eventbrite.com
Together with us, are you ready to #GreenItUp2020?

Find more information about the event at :
Facebook page : http://bit.ly/SustainabilityCareerDay
Web-page : http://iesashift.nl/career/

Lunch Lecture Priogen

Do you want to know about the company Priogen Energy, located in Amsterdam?

Learn how participation in the intraday market can contribute to reduction of imbalance costs related to renewable production, but also highlight practical difficulties with intraday trading. You will be able to experience these difficulties with a trading game afterwards!

The nice thing about a challenge is that it is also an opportunity: during the presentation they will propose internship projects that could potentially make intraday trading easier and more profitable.

Free lunch with signup! Link below:


Date: Thursday, 27th February
Time: 12:30-13:30
Location: Lecture Hall Pi – EWI

11th Halflustrum Symposium

The 25th of February the symposium “Fuel the Future: Today’s potential for a sustainable tomorrow” will take place in Theater de Veste (Delft).

During the day, many presentations will be given, along with general and parallel sessions. With this theme, the current energy issue of today and the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable forms of energy, with stricter rules on CO2 emissions, will be discussed.

More information about the event and the tickets link at: http://www.mvlustrum.nl/