Sustainable Startups Event

Last week we hosted DSEA’s first ever online event — Sustainable Startups in collaboration with YES!Delft, PHYSEE Technologies, Kitepower, ZEF B.V. – Zero Emission Fuels, AquaBattery B.V., aQysta, DC Opportunities R&D. Thanks to all the SET students for joining in and making this event successful even in these current hard times.

A special thanks to our speakers Gijs van Holthoon, Camilla Massacesi, Pepijn Marcus, Ulrich Starke, Alex Sow, Florian Volz, Lukas Irazusta Gorostidi . They shared their game changing ideas for a sustainable future and discussed the current ongoing projects in their respective companies following which students indulged in an interactive session with them for more information regarding internship/thesis opportunities.

Stay tuned for further upcoming events !


We talk a lot about Energy Transition and renewable energies. In the forthcoming years, we will see significant shifts that will shape our day to day life.

Join us for this webinar, and learn Why Our Renewable Future Might Look Different From What You Imagine, presented by Simon Göß, Engineer in Sustainable Energy Technologies.

As a certified trainer, Simon has conducted seminars for energy exchange traders in consultation with the European Energy Exchange (EEX AG). He is also conducting consultancy projects and composing scientific articles on the energy sector, energy market design, the economics of innovative business models in the energy transition and price effects on European and international energy markets. Furthermore he is part of a small wind turbine collective and currently co-leader of the infrastructure domain of Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage (

You can find his latest articles here:

Date : May 27, 2020

Time : 15:00-16:00

Register here at :

Sustainable Startups

CURIOUS ABOUT ENTREPRENEURSHIP? Interested in finding an internship/MSc thesis?
You definitely don’t want to miss this event then!

Hey everyone, as promised we’re back with our first event. Although, we were planning a visit to YES!Delft but given the current circumstances, we are planning an online introduction to the startups incubator together with some sustainable startups presentations which began there.  You can find out what they’re up to, see how you can work for them or even think about starting your own.

Date: 15th May, 2020
Time: 16:00 – 18:30
Venue: In this case, the ZOOM link will be sent to you

Event schedule:
16:00-16:05–> Introduction to Delft SEA and YES!Delft
16:05-16:20 –> YES!Delft Incubation Program
16:20-17:35 –> Sustainable Startup Presentations
17:35-17:50 –> Break
17:50-18:30 –> Interactive session with the Startups in respective breakout rooms

Please do not forget to sign up here !  (Deadline: 14th May at 18.:00).

Hope to see you all there!

New Board of Delft S.E.A

We hope you are all safe and healthy!

Delft SEA is working on redesigning our events given the current circumstance. But we’re happy to announce that we are back with some exciting things, and the show will go on!🤗

First things first, these events will be brought to you by a fresh set of faces. That’s right, we present to you the new board of Delft SEA!! 🕺🏽

We wish the best to our new President, Secretary and Commissioner of Events: Waleed Nasr, Ayush Verma and Rudolph Aaron Peter🙌🏽

Welcome to the DSEA family!

DSEA Board Interest Drinks

Have you enjoyed all the cool stuff Delft S.E.A has been doing? Do you want an exciting and fun leadership position?


We are looking for a new President, Secretary and Commissioner of Events. Come to our Interest drinks and learn more about each of the positions. Free pizza for dinner, snacks and drinks will be served! 🍕🥤

When: Wednesday, 11th March, 18:00
Where: In the hall outside Lecture Hall L (Low building EWI), just near our office!

We hope to see you all there!! This is a worthy experience we encourage you to try! 🤩