Thanks for coming to Graduating SET!

We had a great time yesterday at the Graduating SET event!

After a general presentation about the Thesis process and requirements, we could listen to the experience of a SET alumni and of second year students from all the different tracks. We also enjoyed some pizzas and drinks together! šŸ•

Thanks to all the interested students who joined, we hope you solved some of your doubts!

Energy for Refugees Introductory Event

Up to 7,000 refugees live in the Olive Grove refugee camp and they have limited access to reliable electricity. Most of the power is currently supplied from a diesel generator which is costly and harmful to the environment. Last year, with your support, the Energy for Refugees team installed a solar energy system to a digital learning lab for children in Kara Tepe camp. This July, the team will be heading back to Lesvos to install a system four times bigger than the previous yearā€™s. Their solar power system of 27 kW will be used to provide energy to light the camp at night, to heat water for washing clothes, showering and for charging phones.

They need your help to improve the living conditions of the people in the refugee camps! We invite you to visit their crowdfunding page and donate:

On 8th May they will have an Introductory event in which you can learn more about their project. Find more information about the event here:

SET alumna nominated for Marina van Damme Grant 2019

Every year, Universiteitsfonds Delft organises the Marina van Damme Grant Award Ceremony to a female alumna of TU Delft. This year, the jury nominated two candidates of which one (Andrea Mangel Raventos) graduated from the MSc SET in 2016.

The Award Ceremony will take place on May 13th at Aula Conference Centre. During the ceremony, Andrea will deliver a 10 min pitch about her ambitious plan for her future career. The other nominee will do the same and the jury will select the winner.

Everyone is welcome to support Andrea on 13th May!

You can find more information about the event here:ā€¦/scholarshiā€¦/marina-van-damme-grant/