SET alumna nominated for Marina van Damme Grant 2019

Every year, Universiteitsfonds Delft organises the Marina van Damme Grant Award Ceremony to a female alumna of TU Delft. This year, the jury nominated two candidates of which one (Andrea Mangel Raventos) graduated from the MSc SET in 2016.

The Award Ceremony will take place on May 13th at Aula Conference Centre. During the ceremony, Andrea will deliver a 10 min pitch about her ambitious plan for her future career. The other nominee will do the same and the jury will select the winner.

Everyone is welcome to support Andrea on 13th May!

You can find more information about the event here:…/scholarshi…/marina-van-damme-grant/

Graduating SET

Q4 has started! The end of the academic year is nearing, so let’s look ahead. Around this time next year you might be finishing up your thesis. But what does the road ahead look like? What will be your thesis subject? And who will be your supervisor?

You’ll have to find the answer to these questions yourself, but DelftSEA is here to help you! Come to the Graduating SET event on the 6th of May. No need to register! Just join us in Chip on Monday 6th of May 18:00. We’ll provide drinks and pizza slices.

The program:
17:45 Open doors
17:55 Welcome by Anurag, the new president of DelftSEA
18:00 Practical information from René van Swaaij
18:15 SET alumnus presents general thesis tips, tricks and lifehacks
18:25 Introduction of 2nd year students available for questions
18:30 Question round for 2nd year students Halls HJKLM in ewi LB
19:45 Drinks @SlashPub

Study Tour Delft SEA – July 2019

The Delft S.E.A. Study Tour is a trip with 25 students from all disciplines and will cover a wide range of topics in the sustainable energy field. The students will have the opportunity to meet 5 interesting and progressive companies/institutions throughout the week. Next to that, there is time to do some sightseeing, drink beers and have a wonderful week on this trip together with your fellow students!!

• Destination: Germany and Austria
• Time frame: Sunday, 7 July 10:00 – Friday, 12 July 19:00 (exact times are subject to change)
• Estimated max. budget: €250- €300
• Selection: First come first serve

• Transportation and accommodation all week long
• Visiting the 5 companies/institutions underneath
• 3 days Lunch (subject to change)
• Afternoon walking tour through beautiful cities with extra’s

• Dinners and 2 Lunch (subject to change)
• Own expenses like souvenirs, extra food, beer etc.

• Fill in the form (open from May 2, 2019, 12:00) via the link on the Facebook event.
After confirmation, we will inform you about the next steps (including payment instructions)

Already be aware of the first deposit (after confirmation) of €100 before 15th May 23:59!!

• HELIOVIS AG : produces and markets the HELIOtube technology, a lightweight pneumatic solar concentrator.
• EcoMotion: has three biodiesel plants in Germany, where both plant oils and animal fats can be processed.
• Siemens: focuses on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization and microgrid projects.
• EWS Consulting: has a great amount of experience by implementing wind energy projects all over Europe.
• Electrochaea: Using a conversion process known as “power-to-gas”, Electrochaea has developed a commercially viable and disruptive solution for utility-scale energy storage, grid balancing and carbon reuse.

SAVE THE DATE and stay tuned for the next updates!!