Evaluate the SET program: join FSC!

If you would like to really contribute to the SET program, you can!

For a small salary, you can join the Faculty Student Council, which aims to evaluate and improve the study programs at the EEMCS.

Come to the interest drinks on Thursday the 5th of April!

Apply for the Delft S.E.A. board!

Interested in learning a new skill set and motivated to promote sustainable energy and SET? During a board year, you can:

  • Help the SET program and the students,
  • Learn to organize events,
  • Interact with companies and organizations,
  • Work together in a fun team of SET students!
  • And much more:D

You can apply for the positions of (multiple positions are allowed!):

  • President;
  • Secretary;
  • Commissioner of Events

For a general overview of the roles of these positions at Delft S.E.A., check out the following powerpoint:


How to apply?

Send an application (short letter of motivation + CV) via email to DelftSEA@tudelft.nl with the subject: [position] + application, before Tuesday 13

Interviews will be scheduled in the period March 19-26

In April 1 the new board will be announced and you will work together with the old and new board for a month!