Student job opportunity (English)

René van Swaaij is looking for student assistants to help with instructions for the course Classical and Quantum Mechanics (EE1P11); please, note that the assistants will be paid for their services. This is a first-year course in the BSc programme Electrical Engineering and starts in September 2018 (so in this course you will find students in ranging in age from 17-19 and who have just finished secondary school!). Half of this course focuses on Classical Mechanics and this part is given by Erik van der Kolk (from the Faculty of Applied Sciences [AS]) and the other part on Quantum Mechanics will probably be given by René van Swaaij and/or Jaap Hoekstra. The instructions on Classical Mechanics will be given by Lambert van Eijck (AS) and Quantum Mechanics by Jaap Hoekstra.

MSc students with a background in Physics should be confident with these topics and therefore able to assist in this course, hence this email. The total size of the BSc group is estimated to be about 170 and for this group René is trying to find a number of student assistants. So far he has one, but probably needs 7 more.

The planning is as follows:

  • First week (week 36; that is the week of 3 September 2018): all 8 student assistants work on Tuesday afternoon (15:45 – 17:45) and Friday morning (10:45 – 12:45).
  • Week 1.2 up and to 1.4, and weeks 1.6, 1.7, and 1.9: all 8 student assistants work on Tuesday morning (10.45 – 12.45) and Friday morning (10:45 – 12:45);
    · In week 1.8: all 8 student assistants work on Wednesday morning (10.45 – 12.45) and Friday morning (10:45 – 12:45);
  • In week 1.5 (that is week 40 in the calendar; from 1-5 October 2018) there will be no instruction.

From week 1.1 until week 1.4 there will be instructions on Classical Mechanics, from week 1.6 until week 1.9 on Quantum Mechanics. In week 1.5 is a test on Classical Mechanics and no instructions are planned. For this course we use the book by Richard Wolfson, Essential University Physics, 3rd edition; in addition to this book online instructions are coupled via Mastering Physics.

Interested students are asked to send René an email ( and transcript of their BSc studies. The appointment will be arranged through FlexDelft.

If you meet the requirements please contact René van Swaaij: