The First Lustrum of Delft Sustainable Energy Association

In a few weeks, it is finally starting: the DelftSEA Lustrum week! During the week of the 15th of November, a bunch of activities will be organized for students from SET, but also for any other student interested in the sustainable energy field!

First up, the Sustainability Symposium. This activity will take place on Monday the 15th of November at the Green Village of the TU Delft. For 10 euros, you can come by to see presentations of the Oceans of Energy CEO Brigitte Vlaswinkel, and former Ted-X speaker Annick Schmeddes from Sustainable Talent. Furthermore, a variety of student teams and startup companies will be present to talk about state-of-the-art sustainable innovations that are currently developed at the TU Delft. A lunch is included as well!

On the Wednesday the 17th, a Pub crawl is planned. For only 8 euros you can join a tour along all the nice pubs Delft has to offer, including two drinks!

The final activity of our Lustrum week is the Career Café networking event on Friday the 19th. The costs of this activity is also 10 euros. Get in touch with alumni, professors and companies in the field of sustainable energy! Explore the possibilities the academic and corporate world have to offer to anyone specialized and interested in the energy sector. Have a look at the multiple stands, and meet new people from within the whole sector during the speed dating event!

For members of DelftSEA, a ticket for the three activities together can be bought for only 20 euros.
You can buy tickets for all activities via this link!

We hope to see you soon during our Lustrum!
Lustrum Committee and Board of DelftSEA