Graduating SET

Q4 has started! The end of the academic year is nearing, so let’s look ahead. Around this time next year you might be finishing up your thesis. But what does the road ahead look like? What will be your thesis subject? And who will be your supervisor?

You’ll have to find the answer to these questions yourself, but DelftSEA is here to help you! Come to the Graduating SET event on the 6th of May. No need to register! Just join us in Chip on Monday 6th of May 18:00. We’ll provide drinks and pizza slices.

The program:
17:45 Open doors
17:55 Welcome by Anurag, the new president of DelftSEA
18:00 Practical information from René van Swaaij
18:15 SET alumnus presents general thesis tips, tricks and lifehacks
18:25 Introduction of 2nd year students available for questions
18:30 Question round for 2nd year students Halls HJKLM in ewi LB
19:45 Drinks @SlashPub