Study Tour Delft SEA – July 2019

The Delft S.E.A. Study Tour is a trip with 25 students from all disciplines and will cover a wide range of topics in the sustainable energy field. The students will have the opportunity to meet 5 interesting and progressive companies/institutions throughout the week. Next to that, there is time to do some sightseeing, drink beers and have a wonderful week on this trip together with your fellow students!!

• Destination: Germany and Austria
• Time frame: Sunday, 7 July 10:00 – Friday, 12 July 19:00 (exact times are subject to change)
• Estimated max. budget: €250- €300
• Selection: First come first serve

• Transportation and accommodation all week long
• Visiting the 5 companies/institutions underneath
• 3 days Lunch (subject to change)
• Afternoon walking tour through beautiful cities with extra’s

• Dinners and 2 Lunch (subject to change)
• Own expenses like souvenirs, extra food, beer etc.

• Fill in the form (open from May 2, 2019, 12:00) via the link on the Facebook event.
After confirmation, we will inform you about the next steps (including payment instructions)

Already be aware of the first deposit (after confirmation) of €100 before 15th May 23:59!!

• HELIOVIS AG : produces and markets the HELIOtube technology, a lightweight pneumatic solar concentrator.
• EcoMotion: has three biodiesel plants in Germany, where both plant oils and animal fats can be processed.
• Siemens: focuses on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization and microgrid projects.
• EWS Consulting: has a great amount of experience by implementing wind energy projects all over Europe.
• Electrochaea: Using a conversion process known as “power-to-gas”, Electrochaea has developed a commercially viable and disruptive solution for utility-scale energy storage, grid balancing and carbon reuse.

SAVE THE DATE and stay tuned for the next updates!!